Friday, April 1, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Groundhog Day

I made several connections with Groundhog Day movie when my husband asked me to watch it last night.
Our engagement anniversary is February 2nd, and every time I ask my husband; "do you know what day is February second" his response is: "Groundhog day!"
Would you try again so many times if you have to repeat a day every day? Maybe yes, like we played Super Mario over and over and failed and won and still played. That's our life, there are many days that we have been given second, third, forth.. chance and we win and lose every day. Once we win we move up and go to the next level of difficulty because it's our nature to want to improve. Sometimes we are so focused on our goal that we forget about little fun things that we can enjoy doing every day. We live the same day and we just hope to finish the day to get closer to our goal, and we give up as the day is over.
We have been given so many chances and if we realize it, we feel very lucky. We won't be afraid of losing our luck once we remember it all depends on how we use it.
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We can fall in love with one person in one day, or we can feel bored and stuck! It's all about us, and how we want to feel, how we want to live every moment. whether it's one day or so many days it is about a lot of little moments.

Groundhog day is a day that we look for hope, for new things, for spring, and nature's birth, maybe to get out of the winter cage that we have made around our thoughts!

Let's wake up and enjoy it, whether it's February 2nd or the February 2nd.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Future is bright!

Have you ever read some of your old notes and thought: "if I didn't know I wrote this, I wouldn't have guessed that I was the writer!?" I HAVE!

Our ideas and the way we look at the world and think about the world changes. There are some believes deep in out minds that always reflect in different ideas that we have and they hardly change but we change and forget a lot of details of how we are thinking about things. Surprisingly we don't always think more clear and beautiful than past, I think I about admired some of my old thoughts.

For the same reason, I began blogging again. Writing reflections and my thoughts has been becoming more important to me, now that I am working and studying full-time and being busy.  It's almost like a reward that I need to give myself, and I think everyone need to do so. 

Our experiences change us, we grow, but the experience is not valuable until we use it. There is no such thing as failure or success if we look at everything that happens as an experience, and LIFE is a good reason to experience and reflect.

Enjoy the song : Path- Siavash Ghomayshi 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I bought couple bags of flowers seeds, and vegetables in the spring, thinking it's the first year that I am planting something in our garden, and they may not grow. I had to transplant tomato for how close they all had grown up and now our yard is filled with beautiful flowers and hundreds of tomato and cucumbers.... :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I love learning about the technology that makes people's life easy and love assisting others to learn about a technology or anything that makes their life, learning,.. easy or enjoyable.

I love calligraphy and I was thinking the other day that how much I wish I could write on a piece of paper sometimes... I know there are touch pads, digital pens but still there is a long way to go for technology to make me happy :-)! with giving me the possibility of writing and have my hand written and typed format both next to each other in a digital format.

Monday, February 23, 2015


I just subscribed to an X magazine and it automatically subscribed me to 3 other magazine even though I didn't select them when it suggested that to me. I went back and cancelled all and sent an e-mail to their services and they said that they will refund me.
I had cancelled all right after I registered, and they refunded me $4 less than what they had charged me.
I was thinking $4 doesn't worth my time, but at the same time the whole thing didn't seemed acceptable to me, so I decided to follow up on why. I sent an e-mail to the customer services and they told me that it's because they have already sent three issues of those magazines to me !( Right after I signed up?) It seems alright if they have done so, but I have to wait.

Unfortunately in the online environment like many other places there is possibility of letting people cheat on you. If we don't solve small problems they turn to bigger problems. I am going to follow up this case. I hope I receive those magazines as they have told me.

What would you do if you were me?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

American Dream Project

American dream was a project that was held in UNI , they had 6th graders and high school students made their posters of what their american dream is. it was an amazing program, not only because of the variety of ideas and hope that we could see there, but also for the great speakers who presented their own challenges of their life and how they became successful after all and achieved their goal.
I created a summery of what I learned in that presentation here, hope you enjoy it.