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Farvehar is a carved shape of human face with body shaped like an eagle, is one of the symbols of ancient Iranian. This symbol is representative of Worshiping God, since the man on the shape has his left hand up and carries a ring on his right hand.
Left hand up shows prayer and right hand (the circle on the upper body and his hand) is the symbol of the infinity of life. 
The upper wings are located on the upper body are symbol of three components as the three rows of wings shows : Good thoughts, Good Deed, Good Words.
And the three rows of wings on the bottom (lower body which is representative of what is not respected) are the symbol of Bad Thoughts, bad deeds, and Bad words.
This symbol has been carved in huge sizes in Parse-Police which is Located in Pars- Shiraz, in Iran. Parse police is a small historical town, majority of it was built during 80 years of 3 powerful kingdom in 500 BC.
The Kingdom was Hakhamanesh, and the first powerful king was Kourosh-e-Kabir , or Cyrus the Great, who is famous for being respectful to the different religious views and people, and who had ordered the first human right cylinder which is now available in London Museum.

This symbol is one of my favorite symbols, not only because it's one of the traditional symbols of my own country, but also for the nice meaning it indicates. I am an Iranian who have been taught to respect people's ideas and believes even though they are different from mine. As a human being who can think and decide I respect the good thoughts, good deeds and good talk and I try to do that. I believe on One powerful and Kind God who is the only one who I pray and ask for something from, and I believe that after I die my influence will remain in the world, whether little or much, whether I have another life or not, I will leave something on this world, so I have to be careful to leave good things behind.

I have a necklace of this symbol that I like, and I wear it most of the times, I am proud of such a believe and tradition of my country in approximately 2500 years ago, and I believe that's a believe that couldn't be rejected because it's nice, true, and good.

Photo from Personal Archive 

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