Sunday, September 30, 2012

Killing Us Softly

I was supposed to watch this movie, or presentation, for my class Visual literacy class three weeks a go, when I began watching it I thought; Oh ! No, again !? Men and Women things? Is it gonna be a feminism view,...but as I watched about 5 minutes of the video I was listening and watching more carefully, thinking about what I heard, and I realized that she talks about several things that I hadn't pay enough attention before. Here is a link to video for if you would like to know what I am talking about, it will take 30 minutes of your time, but it might change the way you look at many regular routines that affects your life indirectly:
Link to Killing us softly

This movie was awakening, I didn't find myself so much a victim of the advertisements and gender stereotyping, because of the way I grew up, but it was something that I felt around me along all my life, it sometimes made me think, as a teenager it made me upset or think full for days, that I am not perfect, but I knew that I don't need to be perfect in the way I look to everyone.

Even though I was born and grown up in a country that doesn't let the advertisement use women's/men's body as a tool to attract attention, and they strictly try to say that there is more to some one that only the face or their body, I could feel this affect of the famous/ perfect actresses or actors on people. on the way they make up, they dress up, and go on diets.

There was a time when famous poet women told their poems as a men's point of view, or wrote their stories as if their tone was first person who was a man. However it was somehow the effect of their creativity, and imagination, but in some cases it was the shy, and feeling weak as a woman.

Not only this issue affected women's life so much, but also the same story is now happening on the men's life by the way they follow some fashions on body building which is not natural and healthy, they use medicines, powders and different artificial food and drinks that tells them you can't be perfect without that. many of those facts include addictive ingredients which helps the producers of those products keep them their own costumers.

These facts slowly affects our life, our routines, until we find ourselves doing things that we really didn't need to, even in some cases we find ourselves achieving something we tried so hard for, but we realize that we do not enjoy our victory... why ? because it was not important for us as an individual, as a human being , and then we realize we killed ourselves, our family and time... We some times let these advertisements and facts kill us softly, without we realize it. they come to our lives like Carbon Monoxide and we breath them deep, until our soul is dead, and we have been killed...So softly.

(To be continued..)

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