Saturday, September 29, 2012

One of those things that kills us..!

The Joneses  (Related post to Kill us softly)

I just watched this movie , which shows a fake family that pretend to be so happy and rich, they hangout with people who are rich but don't feel satisfied and kind of try to follow others, thinking that others are more successful or happy than what they are.
The girl who acts as the mother of the family is strictly and only a boss when they are in their own house and no one observes them. The man who plays the role of the father is some how interested on her, but he is disappointed by the way she behaves him, but he tries so hard and improves his selling of the items she ad shown off to the friends and clients he has, and she becomes interested on him little by little.
This move shows how they fight their own personality and their desires , (as a result the boy who acts as family son has to have a girl friend but he is actually a gay), when relation between the fake mom and dad begins to shape in the reality.They learn more about how the life they pretend to have has affected other's life.
Steve's (Fake Dad) closest friend in the community, Larry, reveals that he's going to lose his house because he's overextended his credit, Steve tries again to see if Kate (the fake Mom) wants something more than a pretend marriage. She rebuffs him, and the next day Steve discovers to his horror that Larry has committed suicide over the debts.Steve confesses to the community about the real nature of his job. With their covers blown, the rest of the Joneses leave quickly and are reassigned to a new home....

It's not easy to write a movie story in several paragraphs, but this movie was so much related to the (Kill us softly) some of those things that we make ourselves victim of them, by following some one or something without deeper thinking.
However this movie was not something that happens everywhere, or we can't make sure if it's according to a real story. I realize many people around following each other, and feeling that some one else is somehow more happy or successful or classy than what they are, and how they kill themselves to be as happy or successful as someone else, while if they know what's going on in the reality of some people's life who seems so successful, happy, or loving, they would never like to be like them.

Here is a link to more information about this movie on wikipedia, I rated the movie 3 out of 5 , but I liked the story since with was so much related to the Kill us softly, and becoming victim of what is not real.

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