Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Due Date !

It feels like superman when
 I post an assignment an hours earlier?

I don't know why, many people post the assignments on the due date, or actually in the last moment. Some does this because they postpone the task, and some like me won't post it even if it's completed because they think they might be able to improve the assignment in the rest of the time they have.
Does it really happen ?
I guess I haven't done much better and I don't know why I am doing that yet ?
I would say it's a habit. A bad one ! 
I had a few friends and relatives who did their assignments by the first day they knew about it, and post it right after they did it. and that was all. I don't say that they were or they are more successful, but I know how good it would feel when you feel you have done what you had to do....
I tried to change my method during this semester and guess what happened?... I came up with more problems, I thought my ideas weren't good enough, It took me a longer time to do an assignment, I went into too much details since I had more time to explore unnecessary things, and after all I had to work on it until the very last moment.

Well, I remembered a famous proverb in Persian which means "Leaving habits, feeling sick"  It might take a while to switch from one method of learning or living habit to a different one, but it's not impossible.

Something I have found about myself is that a little bit of "stress" when I know that I have to get something done had helped me, but on the other hand too much of that had always overwhelmed me, so that I couldn't move forward. Writing my goals doesn't help as much as it did before, unless I have an alarm that tells me I have to begin working on another project and have to stop the other one just where I am.

"Yes, we sometimes need to finish working on something even though it's incomplete to you..."

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