Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Life is Musical...

In Visual literacy class on Monday we watched a short movie in which all communication was through the gesture and written language...

We were thinking about the symbols and signs and gestures that were communicating in the movie, and I realized that the song or the music was also communicating. but it was not easy for me to categorize it.
We divided communication to two main categories :

  • Verbal
    1. Oral
    2. written
  • Nonverbal
    1. Gestures (body movements/facial expressions,..)........
Watch this movie:

I found myself loving it,
for the slow and fast paste that you will find when he is depressed versus the days he is in love, hopeful,...

I categorized the music in the non verbal (however there was some unclear verbal communication in the movie when he was in the meeting, but it was rather song, without lyrics) and Auditory communication.

I am not sure about this categories... but it kept my mind busy from Monday afternoon. This movie had something strong which reminded me of myself..
The days he woke up with no hope " his face clearly shown .."Oh! Another day again :( no"
and the days that he jumped out of bed in rush... when there was a hope and reason in his life to wake up !
I guess we all have had similar feelings in our lives.
tell me your idea after you watched it ! Didn't you like it?

I have ran, when I was sure, and I had walked slow when I was unsure. I have smiled when I was sad and I had been cheerful when I was happy. There was days that I have listened to the slow paste musics and days that I have danced and ran with a happy music...

Music and rhythm is another meaningful thing in my life. I can express my feeling in music, I share URLs of the songs I enjoyed and shared them with those whom I liked to understand me through the nonverbal part of my communication.

I realize the musics , songs and lyrics that follow me during a day, and I loved what a friend sent me as a feed back :
Life is like a piano which the white keys plays the happy moments and the black keys plays the sad moments, But it's only through the playing of the both of those keys that wonderful songs are created.

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