Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank You For Smoking

I would rate the movie 4 out of 10 because I didn't see a different idea or creativity in the way it was made. I like the fact in the movie that people might fight for their goals that are opposed their other goals and values, here it comes, he is fighting to prove that Cigarettes won't hurt, or that there is no way to prove it, it's like his sentence at the end of the movie; is there anyone who can prove that cellphones bring cancers? ....But when it comes to personal life, he realizes that conflict, when the judge asks him if he would invite his own son to smoke a cigarette with him...
There are many similar conflicts in our real lives, when we realize don't believe on what we fight for. 
It might be complicated to answer this part of question but I found the annoying part of the movie the interesting part as well ! The teenage son was so clever, he was somehow older than his age in action, I have a cousin who has the same personality. when I see a teenage boy or girl who acts too maturely it makes me nervous it might be my personal feeling, but I know that I had to be more careful, because they are good observers, they don't ask too much, but if they do they listen so carefully, and it makes me feel responsible for the answer that I am going to give them !
on the other hand I like this characteristic, you can realize how clever the boy is by looking at his eyes, and reactions.
He is a great speaker, and he uses his smart tricks to convince everyone. A good speaker can make audience agree with him, or at least speechless and not to be able to disagree, on the other hand he can convince them exactly opposed to what he said, if he is a great speaker.
I can never define concepts, we can say morals and personal freedom is to be able to smoke,hunt at anytime,... we can prove it otherwise by saying: People disrespect other people's freedom and morals by using their freedom to do that...
but to define it personally I would say that it means to think and decide free from the stereotypes or same mistakes, but to be careful not to do something that might or could hurt someone's else life.
Things related to health, eating and sleeping habits, relaxation, and technology affect my life more than other facts. 
Most of the time people would be influenced with someone that they feel is somehow or in something is better than them, I am not sure, but I guess I am using variety of ways to justify or reason my decisions and if I really feel happy about something I do I would try my best to tell every details about why I believe they should be convinced,and examples of how something or doing something helped me...
People action and speech might not be the same, but they both have big effect on transferring information, values ( on the part of parents) and things that are really respected or they have been told to be.
If I am a mom who tell my kid that she'd better don't drink alcohol,or at least not to drink more than special amount ... but I don't care for what I told her when I drink alcohol with friends, I wouldn't be able to convince her that it's not good for her health,... and it's related to what has been observed from our reactions and activities rather than what they hear !

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