Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If you Want people to believe your lie believe it yourself

Well, no. Don't tell lie, it was a sentence I have heard in a Persian movie dialogue, but I do not remember what the name of movie was, but it's again related to the movie "Thank you for smoking" I felt like I didn't thought I can watch it again, but I decided to watch some parts again and pay more attention, there were certain things that had kept my mind busy in that movie, and One important one was the way that he was telling lie about cigarettes, or that they are not harmful,... I was thinking how dare should a person be to be able to lie in front of many people, and audiences. But then I came up with a different perspective from what I was thinking about before this when I thought about many different things I had heard or watched or read before. When I was going
to school, there was some days that I didn't do my homework, and hated myself all the way to school, being worried about ruining my ego "being a good student" in front of my teacher, for not having the homework,and having no real reason for that. My mom had told me that I should never say lie, even if I am guilty I shouldn't be afraid to say that, because if I tell lie something worse than what I have said might happen to me(And I do believe on what she said yet, specially reading and watching the Secret which is about the power of the words and thoughts that we have in mind or we express).
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On the other hand thinking more about how he could lie, I was kind of convinced that before he talk he could convince himself that he is right, or maybe he had believed his own lies, this is the way that some people make the life easier for themselves, and after years when they are old they realize, how they missed a lot of good feelings because of the lies they said, and they believed and lived with.
I sometimes reason what I do, I lie to myself by reasoning what I had to do and I didn't or I didn't have to do and I did, and I know I am not right, but if I want to continue living with that lie I will turn to a person who believes his/her own wrong idea/hypothesis. I can find people who agree with , and try to prove that now I am right....
Let's be honest, life is like a research, it's like using charts and bars and data in a way to prove it, while it might not be a right idea, a research without ethics is useless and even if it's famous for a short time, after it's proven to be wrong , it will worth nothing. That's the feeling that a person who has lived with a lie would have about life when it's too late.
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I also Watch the movie Flight last week, I loved what an alcoholic person who was trying to overcome his habit said : "When I was drunk, I could look into your eyes and tell lie".

So when I watch my brain storming, I come with three ideas:

  • People lie easily because they have believed it themselves, before they say it.
  • People lie because they are addicted, or alcoholic.
  • People lie about some thing, and it will happen to them....

and they might be all wrong!

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