Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One of the best scenes ever !

Reading my classmate katrina Bauer's blog post about the Patch Adam movie reminded me a great part of that movie which was really related to our visuals and how we look at the world.
after he answered the question.
have a look at this 2 minutes :

How many do you see?... What do you see?... easy questions to answer... but depending on your visual literacy and point of view you can call others idiot, or let others think you are idiot !

I love this scene, I love the movie, but loved and remember this scene for ever because I felt that 3 minute educated me easily.
Adam Patched the scientist's cup and he impressed him by paying attention to something that he could just pass on and pay no attention to, after he finds the answer the old man tells him : Yes, eight !
See what no one else sees....see what everyone else chose not to see....

Focusing on the problem doesn't let you see the answer....

I think I have to write to words and remind them to myself once in a while, there are many times that I focus on the problems and it stops me to achieve the right answer... There are many days that I see the world the same way. Visual literacy makes me feel more worried about myself ! Am I just an idiot? to what extend am I correct ? how literate am I ?.... Visually?

This is also nice because if you think too deep , and be too literate, you will seems idiot to others again ! This is a Gap that visual differences makes... ideas differences..and different point of view.

If you haven't watch this movie I am sure you will love to see it again after the first time.

Learn to break some rules, that has nothing to do with your real you ! you will be deeply happy and deeply sad. happy for finding your real self, and sad for missing many of those who may not like you for the real self! Those who may break your heart, or mistakes that you might make ! But it's up to you, be idiot, or literate.


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