Monday, November 5, 2012

Text, Voice, Face to face !

Well, no this post is not an advertisement for Samsung, iPhone, or any other device.
I got an e-mail from my professor that included a one and half a minute video of instruction on where and how to submit an assignment. It was not a big deal to find an assignment drop-box for me after 3 semesters of using Blackboard learning, however it's some times confusing yet, but I just thought that how fast and good can a video that gives instruction help, rather than a text, or only voice.

Just Thing about how many times you were misunderstood or you misunderstood a friend's text message?
How many times have you gone back to re-read your text messages and felt like they don't transfer the meaning you wanted to, lack of tune, facial expression can change the meaning of a sentence.

One good program to help educators make videos (record their screen) ins Jing Program.
The other online and free program to make short movies , slides, and mixing it until we have a digital story or movie is Wevideo which provide opportunity to work on video projects in groups online.
Every windows machine has Windows movie maker.
and every Apple device has iMovie, so we can create our short video when we try to talk about some timing important, or steps.

Visuals matter in our life, voice , tone of the voice, and all together makes visuals meaningful

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