Monday, December 10, 2012


 I had watch that movie before.One of the most powerful scenes of the movie is the scene that I do not like, because I am Persian and Persian person in the movie is the person who surprises me by taking the gun and trying to shot one person... When things doesn't follow the rules in my mind I come to this point !

However there was many other things that was not the representative of majority as well, like the way police officer acted to the black lady,...
I am sorry , I know I might seems posting totally different on what my visuals tell me ...... but I am going to write the major things that kept my mind busy after watching this.
When I looked at the cover I thought this movie should be about the revenge, because of the girl in his dad's hug, and the dad is screaming. in the first look it's not clear that it's a kid, when I looked at the cover I thought it must be his ex- or so killing him with a knife from back ,....
so I was waiting to see where is that scene, as I do it with all other movies, I try to find the scene that they posted on the cover, to see if it was telling about the movie or not.
The shout though is so real, in a big crowded a neighbor that seems to be multicultural, feeling most of the people who are poor .... Spanish people, Persian people... the conflicts... and many stories in one, while they end up to related to each other
I'd better stop !
I am telling you which scene I liked the most:
Two scenes were my favorite
1- when man was talking to his little kid who was scared and was hidden under the bed. and how the girl believed his dad, and somehow how believing on something can make it come true ! " when she wasn't get shot, because of carrying the necklace that her dad gave her" I could see the shock in his face when he thought that her kid was being shot instead of him, I could see the regret for the lied that he told his daughter. and I feel it's a real great story on it's own.
2- When the police who acted bad to the black lady wanted to help the background that the woman had from him couldn't help that his helping her make him a better person. I could say that from the way that she looked at him ; like : "Why?"
3- I liked the scene when the lady was mad at her husband for not stopping the police from touching her. It was a good scene, I could see that she was blaming her husband, while he was feeling scared and thought he had no way to get ride of that situation unless he been quiet and not argue ! why ? because he was the police and it wasn't easy to prove he did something wrong???
Here is the link to when the dad talked to his girl and convince her nicely, and where the police officer helps the lady out of the crashed car.

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