Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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Objectified is a documentary about the people and designers who design different objects for different factories. I loved how the designers point of view is toward every object.
Looking up the world Objectification, in a dictionary, I found the definition: " the act of representing and abstract in the physical format.
I liked the idea of the designer about how he look at the world, as a designer I am not just using an object, I am asking myself why is it like that.
I thought what a great idea if we look at our life from that lense. Most of the ordinary people like myself use the available tools as they are, we do not change the shape of how an object is.
This video was so much similar to Helvetica because of the designer point of view it has. I was always interested in the designing and personalizing my personal book shelf, my own dresses, my decoration, it was not always easy, and it was not really related to my major or my occupation.
Everybody were asking me why did you take the fashion design certificate?  I like to have the designer point of view that I have in my life. I like to make the house my house, When I have the money and time I would like to design the architecture, and furniture myself. But until then I will do what I can.
I love smart designs that not only are nice but the ones that make life easy. This documentary presents how some products are being sold better because of the great design or the way they look, rather than the quality or what it does.
Objectified was another awakening show, I realized and I know how much I am being affected by the smart objectification of the designers, it's not always bad, but it feels better when I know something about the steps some of those products have gone through. At least, I won't feel I was deceived by a design.
To summarize, I would like to bring a more designer point of view to my life: Why is this like this, and think about how it could be improved.

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