Monday, December 10, 2012

Visual Symbol + Visual Literacy

Tonight was the last session on our visual literacy class. I was thinking about what I have done during this semester and how much I learned. I liked the over all class and I considered that a 21rst Century classroom when we were talking about different classes we had, because of the amount of using the technology relating it to pedagogy and content, using technology as a device not to teach the technology. We had a one to one environment, but I can say that the face to face meetings and discussions was more fun than the blended or online classes. Well, I can't stay back and say no we can't make this class online because it will take the fun out of it, but I was wondering if I could provide online activities that could make it as much fun ?!
We had two group projects, which was the most stressful ones, I talked to other students who had the same courses last semester and one of them was arguing about the group projects. It turned to be a little more time consuming and different from the other group project for me as well, but when I was tired, I was telling myself that this is a group project, so it needs to be 4 times better than my individual project... "But It is not possible, since my individual projects are Perfect" ....No... I am kidding, I knew that our ideas are so different, but I tried to think about it on the optimistic point of view. We might argue , we might be upset, we might do more than someone else, but it doesn't mean that it's not good. we learned how to deal with different ideas, when we all were under different pressures because of our final projects, and didn't have time to have fun beside doing our project in group, didn't have much time to convince each other for everything, so we were in the real situation "Job" environment, where people might act so different, they might be from very different background, they might be patient or might not, they might care or not, they might be more or less responsible than us, and we have to follow the goals of overall project, trying to be enough creative and innovative to deal with the new situation and make it perfect.
It's not easy to have those interactions in an online class, maybe that's why people are more impatient to do group work now, because when I remember my student life back in Iran, we were gathering together from the first moment and run the plan and did every thing together, and in most cases everybody wanted to be there, and see what we do even if they couldn't help with one part of the project. Personally, I have lost my patience to do that maybe because now I have learned how to collaborate online, and share prezi, or Google doc, or websites, blogs, that let us work on the same project from different places. I do not see as much fun until the time of presentation when we are happy that after all we all did something that we liked.
I wrote a long introduction to my visual symbol, which didn't change from Farvehar. Farvehar is not an idol, not a really religious symbol but is more of an old symbol that was made 2600 years a go in a part of world history, when a powerful king who was worshiping the Only God wrote the human right cylinder asking his people to respect each other's ideas and religions and differences.

There is more information about the different part of the symbol and their meaning that I like in this website: this was one of the shortest definitions I could find. It says that it's a symbol of Zoroastrian however most of the Iranian were Zoroastrian before BC, and Islam and it could be a reason, but it remained to be an Iranian symbol even for those who are not Zoroastrian. 

I am not strongly Arguing that how and what he was, who made it, Did that really made by the purpose that historical notes tells us, or not. but I like this simple message that most of people believe it has as I am sicking for that. I think All the World and religions seek to say the same things. And we have different literacy, we have different visuals and point of views which makes us tell the story different !
People talk about  peace, respect, human rights, communication and rules that are hidden inside every bodies heart ! we make a symbol to show what's going on in our heart, if we get to know people we let them get closer to our heart and get to know more about the detail of our symbol.
My visual symbol is Farvehar because I didn't find anything wrong about the historical aspects of it, but I love and look into it , and think about what else each element could mean ? I come up with a lot of (What if..? questions) and I find myself the answer which is closer to my heart. I don't reflect all details about my symbol to avoid changing history of that for the future people. but I respect the symbols that don't lose their value in any other place or any other time.
My visual literacy tells me I am a visual person, and I have learned that we have to be careful not to follow what we see as a matter of mode, because if we look at what we have done 5 years a go may not love it any more. 
As a teacher I have learned that visuals are as important as written and verbal communication. we can't say one is the best for everyone, so we need to use MULTIMEDIA, I learned to put a word into 1000 pictures, or hear 1000 words about a single picture.... I just need to know when I have to do what ?!pictures and visuals)
Here is our prezi project : Puting the word (access) to pictures and visuals

I found myself at the beginning of the road now, there is a long way to go....
I hope I can learn it correctly and appropriately along the way.  

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