Monday, December 10, 2012

Wag the Dog

Talking about this movie is the most difficult post for me. I would like to try to keep my life away from politics and when it comes to a movie that remind me things that I understand from politics. There had been many times that I felt I know a lot about a political issue because of following all the news about it and after a while when I looked back I felt like an idiot who never understood the facts.
Watching a movie like wag the dog helps us become smarter, or at least feel like we are, but it won't happen until it's been proved to us that something wasn't true.
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Visuals has helped elections, protests and different groups a lot, and it's obvious that there are people who act the role of victims, while there are people who are the real victims. Those Victims will turn to the hero  or the beasts in the rest of the peoples life, and politics continue it's own way...
There are clever minds in all parties, some will get the high positions and some won't. Some will rule over the powerful people and some will be fulled. from a different angle there is no single person, even the most intelligent political person who can claim that hasn't been fooled or misinterpreted a visual...
We are emotional. If we watch a movie in which a person kills 100 people and by the end he fall in love and become a good person we don't like to see the bad ending for him. There is a short distance from being a hero to a beast. There is a thin border from being a beast to a hero. and time is part of that border.

It will take all my life and I know I will find myself dying disappointed if I want to find the reality behind everything in my life !
It's scary because if you find yourself following a stream that had a victim... That's why I avoid following political views...and try to stay away. I might change when I grew up but I know that even though I feel more visually literate I don't feel I understand Politics at all. 

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