Monday, December 10, 2012

waste land

I love the name of this documentary.
The shot from the sky of  the Brazil and then seeing the life of people who deal with garbage, looks like a land for the things that have been left out from the city. not only the trash, but also the life of people who has been moved there.
Naturally beautiful girls who live there, and living the same way where there is no hope for a better opportunity for them. a girl who was fell in love with the truck driver and found that the man was married... and the beautiful lady who is talking about that she is living there because her husband was fired.
and the artist point of view when making this movie. He used the media in a different way, he could just stay away and film those people, but going there talking to them, and showing the beauties that is hidden and is waist there, and thinking about changing their life, but not to make them change everything, instead using that area and things that they deal with "trash" to create artistic pieces.
I like the idea, because there is a famous sentence which I like that says" if you want to help a poor person, teach them an skill, instead of giving them some money".


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