Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Future is bright!

Have you ever read some of your old notes and thought: "if I didn't know I wrote this, I wouldn't have guessed that I was the writer!?" I HAVE!

Our ideas and the way we look at the world and think about the world changes. There are some believes deep in out minds that always reflect in different ideas that we have and they hardly change but we change and forget a lot of details of how we are thinking about things. Surprisingly we don't always think more clear and beautiful than past, I think I about admired some of my old thoughts.

For the same reason, I began blogging again. Writing reflections and my thoughts has been becoming more important to me, now that I am working and studying full-time and being busy.  It's almost like a reward that I need to give myself, and I think everyone need to do so. 

Our experiences change us, we grow, but the experience is not valuable until we use it. There is no such thing as failure or success if we look at everything that happens as an experience, and LIFE is a good reason to experience and reflect.

Enjoy the song : Path- Siavash Ghomayshi 

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